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Tom Liacas —  January 7, 2015 — Leave a comment

Those who have followed this blog for the past two and half years have witnessed me write on subjects as wide and varied as social media origins, online reputation issues and digital marketing. Well, enough of that! In 2015, I have decided to focus on the issue that is my main passion: The rising power of grassroots social network movements and what this new power implies for the future of business, politics and society.

And here’s a bit of a spoiler. Despite the fact that my clients find these movements highly disruptive and irritating, I see in them a great hope for catalyzing the rapid changes we need make to avoid hitting social and environmental walls in the near future. What’s more, I believe these movements will only grow in power and that businesses and governments have little choice but to adapt to their demands to a greater or lesser degree.

Below is a preliminary list of topics I intend to explore in the coming months. Feel free to suggest other related topics you would like me to delve into!

  • Warning to the powerful: The social movements coming after you in 2015
  • A realist’s look at ‘slacktivism’ and its surprising impact
  • 10 Citizen movements that are cause for hope in 2015
  • How social networks can shut down mines and pipeline projects
  • Why social media pressure works: An insider’s perspective
  • Why are social network movements such a pain for corporations and governments?
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An M.A. graduate in Media Studies, Tom Liacas is an experienced Social Network Strategist who first cut his teeth creating and managing advocacy campaigns as an activist.