Social media engagement for those with attention deficit.

Tom Liacas —  November 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

A recent video synthesis of the #engagementlabs vision of social media engagement. In it, I briefly present the example of two large Facebook accounts, the David (small but doing better at engagement-Express) reaching as much as the Goliath-Zara.

 Now, to justify this blatant self promotion, here are some thoughts. I may present myself in such thought pieces as a guy really turned on by numbers. This, I will admit, is far from being true. However, what numbers permit us to demonstrate, is that social media is hard-wired to reward collaborative peer-to-peer behaviour that respects users’ first order interests. The reward comes in the form of augmented reach and influence, which is something marketers understand. So rather than preaching the gospel of dialogue, open innovation etc. (all of which DOES turn me on), I translate the rules of the game into numbers, into a reward system that management will understand. At the end of the day, it is about learning social media culture, and that is what I am passionate about teaching!

Tom Liacas

Tom Liacas

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An M.A. graduate in Media Studies, Tom Liacas is an experienced Social Network Strategist who first cut his teeth creating and managing advocacy campaigns as an activist.