#SocialSM Principle #1: Hiding is not an option!

Tom Liacas —  May 17, 2013 — 5 Comments

And so begins a series of posts in which I will present the 10 Principles of the #Social Survival Manifesto for your comments. Discussed here will be the first Principle, essentially, the warning that keeping a low profile, or no profile, is a tactical risk when it comes to reputation management in the 21st century.

Copied below is the text of this section from the Manifesto. If you work with corporate or institutional decision makers, I am sure you have come across the ‘If we ignore it, it will go away’ philosophy. In the age of social media, this is equivalent to the 2 year old who covers his or her eyes to ‘hide’ from others. To keep things interesting and interactive, I would invite you to contribute (in the comments below) your workplace anecdotes where such behavior was displayed in discussions around activating social media. We will all be amused, especially in a couple of years when no one will believe us that people once thought this way!

Principle for Survival #1:

Whether you like it or not, people out there on social media are talking about you, reading about you and making up their minds about you. In fact, your brand or industry will soon become a very hot topic, if crisis arises, entirely without your input.

If you are not part of those conversations, guess who’s in charge of public perception and brand reputation? The consumers you have angered, your competitors and the activists that hate you.

Trust me, those with a bone to pick are those who will speak the most. Continue to hide and you will most definitely be a ripe target with all the odds stacked against you. Begin participating in the conversation and you may just have a chance to influence the many stories being told about you.

Over to you for some stories of corporate or institutional head-in-the-sand-ism in the comments section (names withheld of course).


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Tom Liacas

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An M.A. graduate in Media Studies, Tom Liacas is an experienced Social Network Strategist who first cut his teeth creating and managing advocacy campaigns as an activist.
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  • PaulRhynard

    I’m sharing this with each flag officer in my HQ … “head in the sand and circle the wagons” is their mantra.

    • TomLiacas

      Nice to hear, Paul. Let us know how that goes! If ever you have the time to share some anonymous anecdotes illustrating above behavior, we would love to hear them!

      • PaulRhynard

        I will. Cheers.

  • Jacques Blanchet

    when I quit my job, the CEO and comm dept were buzzing around to know Who create the Corporate LinkedIn account? Considering I was the social media wiz, they all asked me. Guess what, it wasn’t. Mouahahahahaha!