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In the previous posts of my Troll fighting series, I described some core damage control techniques for community managers when abusive behavior starts to show up on the sites or social media networks they moderate. These have included the need for solid House Rules as well as defensive tactics such as the Passionless Voice and the Hall of Shame. For those managing spaces where passions flare and it is important to maintain an open and respectful atmosphere, I feel a need to add prescriptions for a written Moderation Protocol. Beyond the House Rules established on most large discussion groups or social networks, the Moderation Protocol explains HOW these rules are to be applied. This is a must if you are delegating the moderation of your spaces to junior staff as missteps in applying rules, such as overzealous moderation or subjective preference of some points of view over others, can lead to damaging spinoff reputation issues for the host of the space.

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Social media networks, through the power they have given to individuals, are by nature disruptive. Not a month goes by these days that we don’t hear of another government or corporation shaken and humbled by a lightning-speed mobilization of online people power. This article is part of a series that seeks to catalog the most notable social media disruptions of politics, business and culture.

This is a draft of a book chapter I want to write. I need your help to fill in blanks as no exhaustive list of these exists. Some of my examples are globally known, some very local to Canada or Québec. I know I am missing some, do you know of others? Please suggest some that you know, however local they may be. I’m interested in all of them!

I am starting with Politics here and will move on in future posts to cover Business and Culture as well.

Student Protests, Casseroles and the Charest Government in Québec.

Starting with an example close to home! The student movement in Quebec, now on strike for over 100 days, filling the streets almost daily with massive protests. Continue Reading…